Another great update from Twitter

Why you’re going to be ecstatic with Twitters latest update and new found flexibility.

Twitters latest update truly means Twitter has evolved quite a lot over the past decade, since the beginning when you could only express yourself with just 140 characters. It has now expanded to the creativity of photos, videos, vines, hashtags and more.

In recent months this has been taken to the next level. Tweet your heart out with Twitters latest update, you can now attach amusing GIFS, debate with your community over menial or relevant topics by sharing polls and even broadcast a live Periscope. 

If you are similar minded to us at BIGDaddy, you will understand the similar frustration. Creating tweets for yourself, clients and the world. Dealing with the oh so familiar challenge of attempting to share your life story with images, words and let’s not forget to mention friend tags all in 140 characters.

It’s fantastic that we are now able to do such beautiful things, but I know what you are all thinking….

Throw us a bone Twitter, even if it’s a tiny one…

Well, you’ll be ecstatic to discover that is what they will be doing. Twitter will be adding a few changes to give you a lot more flexibility and freedom to write what you want in more detail.

I’m sure; however that the argument will arise that the beauty of Twitter is that you have to create a punchy, unforgettable one-liner. But hold back your pitchforks as it’s not a drastic manipulation which will change the whole dynamic of the platform. I feel this new update will be an excellent development for all us tweeters out there!

Peril will now refrain from the Twitter world as @names alongside various media forms will no longer take over characters with the most value.

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So what are the changes that will excite us?

Change 1: As I said before, when responding to a tweet you will now have more freedom to write more. As @names will no longer count toward the 140 character count.

Change 2When attaching various media to your tweet, your videos, your gif’s, photos, polls, etc. This will also no longer count to the 140 character limit

Change 3Feel like you want to get a previous tweet noticed but now lost in the sea of tweets? Not to worry you will soon be able to retweet and quote your tweet quickly.

Change 4: No longer will you have to use the “.@” convention when starting your tweet with a username. You can share a tweet which will be seen by all your followers by retweeting. Show your content to the world!

You will be glad to hear that this new update in character flexibility has now been released into the Social Media Hemisphere. So look out for following updates over the next few months. The head offices at Twitter Towers are currently in the process of transitioning into the future of Twitter.

If you have any comments about Twitters latest update then please please leave a comment below.

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