Welcome to the future of Social Media

Video is the key for marketing

“Video is huge right now, and it’s only going to get bigger”

Mark Zuckerberg preaches!

“We’re entering this new golden age of video,” Zuckerberg told BuzzFeed News. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you fast-forward five years and most of the content that people see on Facebook and are sharing on a day-to-day basis is video.”

Fantastic ‘Facebook Live Video’ wisdom from Kim Garst #BoomSocial, the Oracle of Social Media knowledge states that we are now “Entering web 30” The virtual world is taking a leap with how we are connecting with each other.

Buzzfeed, for example, showed a live video broadcast of someone popping bubble wrap, with a whopping 750’000! You can understand why entrepreneurs find the amazing benefits with Facebook’s 1.65 billion users tuning in every day. Facebook live, gives you the opportunity to speak to the world, advertise your brand, fan page you name it with your channel! This straightforward and realistic method is less salesy and provides your audience with trust and a rapport in a dramatically faster time.

Building relationships via more traditional sources of Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook take time and effort. Some say its up to 6 months to a year to start seeing the results you aspire.

 Facebook is in our DNA

Facebook Live | Do you have access and how do I use it?

There different ways to access this new realm of virtual genius, which I will break down steps as to how you can do so easily.

1, Your Personal Profile

Go to your profile as if you were about to publish a post and at the bottom, if Facebook has authorised your page, there will be a live action button in the shape of a human silhouette.

Once clicking this, you then have to permit your microphone and camera. Don’t fear you won’t suddenly go live there is still a few steps before this happens.

Choose who you wish to view your video, just your family, your friend… or maybe the world!

Select the camera view by clicking on the two arrow icon, either front or rear view!

Click the go live button and wait for the magic to happen with a 3 second countdown…

Smile! You’re now on camera! 😀


2, Your Business or Fan Page.

You can either download the “Facebook Pages” App or “Mentions” App via the Apple/ Google Play store or via Facebook. The App route is extremely popular with celebrities and popular influencers as its an easier way to talk to fans.

The same as your streaming on your profile you pretend to post as normal but hit the live action button. The only difference using the Apps is a slightly different format; the human silhouette button also reads Live video next to it.

Live Video is an incredible opportunity to share content in a real and unique way.

3, Facebook Groups.

As you can tell there is a theme, pretend to post and clock on the action button.  If this doesn’t exist on your page, unfortunately, you have to wait for the boss’s at FacebookTowers to authorise it. Other than this the process is the same!

So if you haven’t already, jump in front of the camera!

Show us your brand. Be real. Be you.

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