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Is Facebook’s algorithm crippling Instagrams organic potential?

Instagram you wonderful invention you, with your sexy spectrum of filters and adjustments. Out of all the platforms, this is definitely my favourite weapon of choice. Until the introduction of the new Instagram Algorithm.

Always locked and loaded to capture my life story at any moment. Instagram turns you from an amateur photographer, to photoshop professional in a matter of seconds. Straight from your pocket. The best thing of all, it’s all for free. How absolutely fantastic!

If you’re anything like me, when using this app you want the world, not just appreciate your new found art, as much as you do, but to actually have the opportunity to see it. Whether it’s for business or taking photos of your face, that meal you are just about to tuck into or in my case a half bitten sandwich from being too greedy to wait to take the photo first. It’s abstract Darling… That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

This new Instagram algorithm it’s not as simple as one might think.


To increase your following, you need to put the work in I’m afraid. I will admit I am a culprit for spending my life burning a hole through my finger from scrolling through those sassy, socialite bloggers who have a million billion views. In awe and closet bitterness. What’s your secret? You must know something I don’t?  Or who, WHO DO YOU KNOW??? It can’t just be this pesky Instagram algorithm that’s changed my social media world!

Nope, I’m afraid no quick fix, no cheat. Not with this new Instagram algorithm. We aren’t playing the Sims; you have to work for that fancy Mansion with all the fabulously decadent wallpaper and outrageous animal shaped statues. It’s all about consistent, valuable content and engagement.  Unless you are naughty scamps and buy your likes…

These little hashtags have diva fever so you need to Beyonce the hell outta them if you want to see results. They are your ticket to getting your posts and brand out there. To get that SEO up that you’ve always wanted. So go get it!

I’m going to assume for the purpose of this blog that you all know what a hashtag is and the reason for its existence. However, just in case I will give a brief description for those who are either unaware, way too cool, OR live under a bridge.

Hashtags love them or hate them; the experts use them!

Firstly, it looks like this: # like a tiny little Tic Tac Toe board, but so much more. It doesn’t look like much on its own, but alongside a buzzword it can be a powerful tool. If only this game were as simple as Naughts and Crosses. The social media world is more like #snakesandladders. You can be up the top of the board one minute then thrown down the snakes tail the next.

Speaking of being thrown down the snakes tail…


Instagram filtered advert image

Has anyone else taken on board the Instagram algorithm change?

Up until now… Instagram was revealing posts to the world, as soon as they were shared in reverse chronological order. So any old folk could see them.

Now… Instagram will show you the posts that “it” thinks that you will value the most.

I had to do some more research. I accept your challenge Insta. Calling all 400 million Instagram users. I’m assuming you will have been informed left right and center; needing to turn on your notifications for your favourite accounts so they don’t disappear into the huge abyss right?

“The change was inevitable. Facebook introduced algorithmic ordering to its News Feedback in 2009. And while the change prompted protests, the resulting panic was short-lived. We’ll likely see the same results with Instagram, which appears to be handling the situation cautiously: “We’re going to take time to get this right and listen to your feedback along the way,” ~ New York Times

This change hit me like a brick. I was not ready for it, if I’m completely honest. After believing, I was slowly mastering the hashtag. Discovering the peak posting times each day. Researching trending hashtags related to my content. I was receiving a maximum of 300 likes with an average of 100, in a matter of seconds for each post. I was on a bit of a roll. Which always bodes well when learning a new job. Breezing through each post everyday, feeling the joy of excelling in my new task and I admit a little vanity from so many people liking my work.

I hope you feel empowered after reading this 😊

After a little begrudging, I now feel good about this Instagram algorithm change. It’s how it should be. The amount of spam and inappropriate posts which disguise the greats. Quality over quantity as they say! Learn the importance of your message you wish to portray and give it some flair. Write us some value, give us some colour. Don’t just spam us with any old thing. Be known for your brand the way you truly want to be known.

GypsyLou 💋

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