Love or Hate Hashtags

Hashtags | Are you using them correctly?

Hashtags are a vital element when growing traffic on Instagram. To explain what these essential tools are, I will refer to my previous post “Algorithm is gonna get you.” Firstly, hashtags look like this: # like a tiny little Tic Tac Toe board, but so much more. Alone it doesn’t look like much, but a hashtag alongside a buzzword, it can be a powerful tool. If only this game were as simple as Naughts and Crosses. The social media world is more like #snakesandladders. You can be up to the top of the board one minute then thrown down the snake’s tail the next.


The reason for these excellent tools is to make your feed visible to your desired audience. You attach your relevant hashtag to your post and it one increases your shelf life, and two will now be linked for easy discovery. The recurring issue is however that quite a lot of people don’t know how to use these precious gems efficiently, leaving you in a web of missed opportunities to engage with the 400 million other users and dramatically increase your traffic leading to your business.


If you have been having difficulty understanding why your incredible work hasn’t been receiving the engagement it deserves, don’t dwell. Follow these next few tips which are sure to reverse these challenges.

Hashtag option 1

So as you can see my “once upon a time” bold and eye-catching caption has now become busy, a little awkward to read and now looks a bit spammy. A quality nobody wants to portray when trying to sell them and give value. The Caption is your audience’s first impression of your business and should coherently function alone.


The correct way to place Hashtags is under the caption, or better still in a comment underneath; the hashtags still work to their best ability, and it leaves your post looking a lot slicker and in my opinion more professional.


Okay, so these two hashtags might be fantastic, relevant and modern. However, you are missing an opportunity for a gateway to more users. 30 Hashtags… That’s right 30 Hashtags is your limit. So why not use more? More Hashtags means more potential links to your post!


A little tip from BIGDaddyTowers; use hashtags that are relevant to the post you are using and underneath tags that are relevant to your brand. Mix up the popularity of each one you use.

For example, when you type in #SocialMedia there are currently 3,676,257 other entrepreneurial minds in the world who have used this tag! Great, it’s popular. However, this does give you the likelihood that it may get lost in a sea of other posts. So choose an array of tags from a minimum of around 15,000 to 10000000000000000000, that’ll get you noticed!


You have just posted an incredible post, visibly excellent; the content is on point, and you’re promoting your new line. However, you have added hashtags with no relevance to your brand. E.g., #FoodForThought #DigitalMarketing #WellBeing


Ok, these are completely off topic. Nevertheless, you get the idea.


So How Do You Choose The Right HashTag? Need some inspiration? This article from Sue B Zimmerman will be a good read for you : Instagram Hashtag Inspiration

Decide on your target audience and think who you will be providing interest. How are these people going to find you, what will they search in the engine which will direct them into the palm of your hands?

Put yourself in their shoes….no pun intended. Which buzzwords would you use to discover your brand?

Think about it!

P.S. If you are in Fashion and struggling with #Hashtags here are a few recommendations from our friend and Instagram Expert Sue B Zimmerman

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